Thursday, February 28, 2008

Internet . . . I have missed you!

So I finally have internet again. It was quite the ordeal. Here is what I had to go through to get it.

1. I had to call and order it. This was much more difficult than you would think. The entire time I was on the phone, I had cats running in and out of blinds, making lots of noise. The girl kept saying my connection was bad because she couldn't hear me over them. I know it wasn't really my connection, because she heard me fine after I shoed away the cats finally.

2. I had to go to the Cox store to pick up the modem. There was only one other customer in the store and there were four employees, but the guy yelled at me and told me I had to get a number. It went like this: "You have to get a number, miss" I sheepishly pull out number 38. "Number 38 please!"

3. I installed everything myself. This wasn't too bad. Actually the easiest part. But then the internet just wouldn't work. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing.

4. I had to call technical assistance. I tried this Wednesday, but there was a really long wait time, so I decided to worry about it today. When I tried to call today, I could not get phone reception in my room. I tried to call several times and got disconnected. Then I moved it all out to the living room where my reception is better. I called, and the guy told me to unplug and replug in the modem. This is something I had tried several times, but I decided to do it anyway to humor him. And it worked! Right after that I could get to any website. I was starting to feel silly, thinking it would have worked all along, but for some reason I just couldn't get it to. Then he said the modem wasn't registered in my name, so he did that before he had me unplug it to reset it. So it wasn't something I could have done anyway.

5. Play on the internet. Since I haven't had internet at home for a while, I had to play. I had no choice.


Just me said...

I'm sure the Internet was glad to have you back too. I have decided that I hate Amazon by the way so you might want to stay away from them!

Mean Mommy said...


Hate Amazon??

Martin said...

Don't worry. I clarified that with her. She just hates a particular seller on Amazon. I showed her how to complain directly to Amazon about it though.