Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Richard!

I can't believe that you all let me beat you to wishing Richard a Happy Birthday. I know he is not even on the Blog but you all did include Valani and I know she can't read yet. Anyway he got his last Birthday Breakfast in Bed from mom. Sausage and Eggs, peaches and a coke. He loved it. And yes I did include a sparkler candle for his intertainment.

Friday, June 05, 2009


Lots of stuff happened on the Ginsneyland trip. Here are a few highlights.

First up, Road trip:

The boys fought in the back

And the girls slept.

Richard tried out some new looks:

Some cool new shades.
A stylish hat.

And he even tried out a beard.

Holly got scared of lots of things:

The fast rides. (Don't worry, Richard and I talked her into trying some)

The new New Moon movie. Blegh.

Those creepy square shaped trees at It's a Small World.

Andrew got very injured:

Richard took out his eye.

Holly tried to throw him into a ride.

He got eaten by a tiger.

Funnel cake time:

We got some of each kind.

They were delicious.

Then it was time to sleep: