Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, November 05, 2010

All moved in.

Long ago, Holly posted a list of all the things I promised to do if she moved in with me. I thought I would update everyone on how that worked out for her.

• I will no longer be the de facto favorite sister/aunt just because I live significantly closer to the family than she does. This turned out to not be true. Holly isn't that awesome, so I'm still the favorite aunt and sister.
• I will watch any past, current, or future Terminator movies with her. I did! I believe we watched the second one and a portion of the third one together!
• I will always have pie for her. Apparently not always, but I would like it noted that I had pie in the freezer and Holly decided to throw it away. Not my fault.
• I will let her use my Blu-Ray player, giant TV, and StarGate Blu-Ray any time she wants. She can, and she does.
• I will give her my laptop. Well, I let her use it when her laptop is upstairs and she's too lazy to go and get it. That's practically the same thing.
• I will let her get a puppy or kitty. I keep pushing her to get her orange kitten named Fancy Nancy, but she won't. Something about it being creepy to have too many cats in one house.
• I will let her make chicken noodle soup for me. I do let her do this. And then I eat it. Delicious.
• I will let her scare off my friends by alienating them with threatening text messages. I backed out on this one. Holly actually asked me for the cell phone number of one of my friends the other day, and I refused to give it to her. Sorry I misled you on that one, Holly.
• I will eat her baked goods. I make the sacrifice and eat all the things Holly bakes.
• I will bake her a chocolate round cake, with strawberries in the middle. I made a red velvet cake once. Does that count?
• I will expect her to keep cake in the house at all times. And I do expect this. Unfortunately, this promise doesn't involve Holly actually having cake in the house at all times.
• I will make sure her birthday is way cooler than it has been in Provo (metaphorically, not temperature-wise). I tried to get her a niece born on her birthday, making it the most awesome birthday ever. But Emily was uncooperative. I did bring her to Macayo's though, where we were then abandoned and had to try to explain to the waitress why we weren't going anywhere anytime soon. Still, bet you didn't get a story that fun in Provo. Plus, we had ice cream cake which we gave to our nephew who acts crazy when he gets sugar in his system!
• I will buy her a couch that she can keep in my dining room. I did buy a couch, that is sort of in the dining room.
• I will not protect her stuffed squirrel army from my cats. I couldn't even protect her base board on her bed from my cats, how could I protect that poor, poor squirrel army.
• I will switch to a 2 bedroom apartment. Instead I bought a house, so way better than a two bedroom apartment.
• I will not allow any of her stuff out of her room because it will clash with my "pretty decor". This is true. Holly doesn't have anything out of her room. Except a few Halloween decorations. But those are going back in there soon enough.
• I will buy a fancy set of cookware. I wanted too, but Holly talked me out of it because "you have perfectly good dishes now". Whatever.
• I will share my pumpkin spice cake with her. I did! We made this while visiting Shannon who misinterpreted the "fall cake" name I gave it, and so she dropped it on the floor. 10 second rule though. Still good.
• I will visit her from work. Not sure what I meant by that - I do visit her every night when I get home from work though.
• I will let her live with me rent free if she kills any scorpions we encounter. This is true. Holly doesn't pay rent, and she has killed every scorpion we encountered. Unless she saw some when I wasn't home and didn't kill them. Did that happen, Holly? Did it??
• I will provide her with tortillas I buy her tortillas when we need them.
• I will write scary limericks on my food to warn her not to eat it. I don't write them down, but Holly knows they are there. Don't touch my pico de gallo!!
• I will provide her with peaches. I'm pretty sure I did buy peaches once. I get the ones in the bottles a lot though.
• I will take her to the grocery store or, realistically, give her my car keys. I have taken her to the grocery store. Although, lately she has to take me. Stupid hail damage.
• I will hide all the good food in my closet. I do keep the good stuff in there. Don't tell Holly.
• I will play with her except during homework time and actual work time. Mostly just for a few hours in the evening and on weekends. Pretty much.
• I will support her / let her mooch off me. Yes. Expecting her to take care of yard work doesn't count, right?
• I will never have to throw away my Australian liquorice. I haven't thrown this away since Holly moved in. But let's face it, I didn't throw it away before either. I just didn't have to share it back then. sigh
• I will let her eat ice cream for dinner every day. I do. Or those bullet pops. I decided she needed some variety in her diet.
• I will help her conduct a controlled study to compare the ice cream experience of Provo with that of Phoenix. I'm not very good at these studies. We should probably go out for ice cream more often.
• I will feed her black beans, rice, chicken, salsa, corn, cheese, and sour cream. I did make this! I'm pretty sure it is now Holly's favorite dish.
• I will have instant access to her DVD collection and vice versa. This is true, but we now also have instant access to the NWI collection too. So we don't watch as many of our movies anymore.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday to Emily!! This is what I imagine she looked like about 22 years ago.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tiny lizards are better than scorpions.

Found this little guy on my mirror today.

I was so relieved that he was not a scorpion, he became my new second best friend. As such, I named him Tim.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lilli Davidson

More pics and details to come soon.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To Lillian! Oh, and Holly too. Happy Birthday Holly! We got you a baby!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I noticed that Holly forgot to include any pictures of her. So here are a couple!

Also, she forgot to put up the pictures of Richard sashaying.