Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quotes and pictures

Melissa: Can you let me know when you’re going to slow down so I don’t get carsick?
Shannon: Um... like he knows that he’s going to have to slow down in advance?
Melissa: Sure. You know…”I sense there’s a bunny about to run out into the road, so I will be slamming on the breaks in 2…3…1…”
Shannon: 2-3-1?
Melissa: He’s not very bright.

Melissa: I DO work for the government!

Holly: Unsalted Pretzels? Are they any good?
Shannon: Yeah. I like ‘em.
Melissa: By which she means “I keep eating them hoping there will be salt on the next one.”

Emily: Hey, do you think the weather people are getting paid off by the tourism people? I mean, they’re wrong an awful lot.

Emily: Stop touching me!
Holly: What? You’ve been laying on me this whole time!
Emily: That’s different. That’s me touching you.

Melissa: This isn’t Europe!

Emily: Can we go to the beach?
Rich: No.
Holly: Is there one nearby?
Rich: The beach burned down.

Shannon: I like those flowers.
Rich: Those flowers? Would you like me to pick some for you?
Shannon: Um… that would be stealing.
Rich: It’s manly to steal from the city.

Shannon: Just let me finish this last bit of sandwich

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Emily's Senior Night

So, I got Mom's script to read about Emily Wednesday night.


I was thinking I'd read the whole thing in a travel guide accent. Or possibly Lifetime Movie Moment accent. Ooh! Or Crocodile Hunter!

And I'll probably say something like..."I don't really know anything about Emily, since I spent the first half of her life trying to avoid the annoying little sister. Then, just as she was getting cool and fun, I moved out to go to college..."

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday, May 07, 2007

Scorpion Siting #2

So, I had my second scorpion today. I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, eating some fruit, when I looked down and there it was. On my leg. After doing a very interesting dance through my living room trying to get it off, I finally calmed down enough to realize that it wasn't going to let go of my jeans for anything. So I did what any person would do. I took off my jeans. (Yes, the blinds were open, but what could I do?)

Then I ran to my room to get the broom (and maybe some other pants) and spent the next 15 minutes poking the the previously removed pants. After torturing the scorpion this way with the fear of impending death, I killed it. That's right, I am now a twice scorpion slayer.

Now, with the threat gone, I got worried about how it managed to get on me without me noticing. I narrowed it down to two options. It was on the couch, and when I sat down it crawled on me. Or, it was on the jeans when I put them on. I went through the entire couch and there isn't any other ones in there, so I think it was probably on my jeans when I put them on. I had tossed them onto the floor the night before, and they do look pretty dark and comfortable. You know, for a scorpion. But that would mean I had a scorpion on me for about an hour wandering through the house doing stuff. Not a fun thought. However, if I go with the couch theory, then I will never be able to sit on it again. I think I'm going to go with the wandering around with a scorpion on me.

But the whole time, he didn't sting me. Maybe he thought I was one of those BFG's. Probably right up until the point when I killed it. Then, not so much. But, on the bright side, maintenance finally fixed my ceiling! Yeah for me!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Job

Ok so I got a new job working for my friends step dad. I'm not sure if I will be quiting the theater or not. it all depends on rather they still want me if I can only work past five. But I will be able to get time off to go to wicked.