Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Emily's Senior Night

So, I got Mom's script to read about Emily Wednesday night.


I was thinking I'd read the whole thing in a travel guide accent. Or possibly Lifetime Movie Moment accent. Ooh! Or Crocodile Hunter!

And I'll probably say something like..."I don't really know anything about Emily, since I spent the first half of her life trying to avoid the annoying little sister. Then, just as she was getting cool and fun, I moved out to go to college..."


ahem. said...

She's cool and fun now? Dang.

Also, why are you doing it instead of Mom?

And I'm encouraging the really fake Australian accent.

Martin said...

Instead of talking about Emily, maybe you could take the time to thank people for stuff. I mean, you aren't winning any awards any time soon.

Mean Mommy said...

Emily and I had that conversation Holly. I amended it to "Assuming she ever got cool and fun. I wasn't there."

And I didn't do the accents, although I mentioned that I was considering it. "But I finally decided I'd just read what Mom wrote. That should be plenty embarassing enough." ;)

Also, why should I thank anyone? It's not like I needed any help to be this awesome.

Mean Mommy said...

(Oh, and I was doing it because Andy had his 5th grade "graduation" or whatever grade he's in...)