Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quotes and pictures

Melissa: Can you let me know when you’re going to slow down so I don’t get carsick?
Shannon: Um... like he knows that he’s going to have to slow down in advance?
Melissa: Sure. You know…”I sense there’s a bunny about to run out into the road, so I will be slamming on the breaks in 2…3…1…”
Shannon: 2-3-1?
Melissa: He’s not very bright.

Melissa: I DO work for the government!

Holly: Unsalted Pretzels? Are they any good?
Shannon: Yeah. I like ‘em.
Melissa: By which she means “I keep eating them hoping there will be salt on the next one.”

Emily: Hey, do you think the weather people are getting paid off by the tourism people? I mean, they’re wrong an awful lot.

Emily: Stop touching me!
Holly: What? You’ve been laying on me this whole time!
Emily: That’s different. That’s me touching you.

Melissa: This isn’t Europe!

Emily: Can we go to the beach?
Rich: No.
Holly: Is there one nearby?
Rich: The beach burned down.

Shannon: I like those flowers.
Rich: Those flowers? Would you like me to pick some for you?
Shannon: Um… that would be stealing.
Rich: It’s manly to steal from the city.

Shannon: Just let me finish this last bit of sandwich


Martin said...

You "happened" to notice? Really Holly?

ahem. said...

I have no idea what you're talking about.

And it's my prerogative to lie if I want.

Mean Mommy said...

Oh yay! I laughed so hard...

Poor Karen. She looks very tired in the pictures.

Martin said...

You can't just lie. That would be like Dickens saying, "Why, how did that spontaneous combustion get into Bleak House? Hmmm. Well, it is amusing, so maybe I will keep it."

Martin said...

Also, I think Emily is upset that her close-up didn't make it.

Mean Mommy said...


Karen typed that all by herself. I wasn't even intending to let her post, so she must have felt strongly about it.

ahem. said...

I was considering that one... but I figured I'd let you put that one up if you really want to.