Monday, February 11, 2008

Hawaii Trip

Okay, I know you all check in here. So here is the thinking. Holly thinks that it would work better for her if we went December 29th and came back January 2nd or 3rd. We would take a late night flight coming home. The other possibility would be January 5th and come back on the 9th. The only problem with the first dates is that a lot of things may be closed on the 1st and so we would not have much to do that day. I am thinking that this is not the year to try to include Crystal and she might like to go when Michael does and with Valani it may be better to wait a little bit longer for her. So What do you all think. We will need to get two hotel rooms at around $120 a night. I could cover one room but two may be stretching my budget a little. So let me know what you all are thinking and please be serious about this.


Martin said...

Serious? It's like she doesn't know us at all!

Also, 29th to 2nd or 3rd works. We can hang out or just walk around on the 1st. We don't have to spend every day going somewhere. It'll be a good chance to rest.

And I can help with costs. Just let me know what the decision is.

Mean Mommy said...

I know. I don't know if I can be serious.

I don't know about the dates. I ran it by Rich, but we didn't come to any conclusion. I'll see what I can find out.

I can contribute to costs too.

Mean Mommy said... case you check back here, Rich said the 29th thing works.

Martin said...

I thought this got cancelled, so Mom could go to Australia in May. Is that not the case?