Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Swoop bangs?

I guess they're not really "bangs," but I still like them.


Martin said...

Very cute. I really need to get my hair cut too. It's getting really long. But every time I suggest it, Sarah has a panic attack.

Mean Mommy said...


Also...does Mom have the new 'girls' picture for the sidebar?

ahem. said...

Okay, I changed the pics on the sidebar. I think we need to reshoot the girls pic, at least. I look silly.

Also, Melissa, I don't know why your former roommate cares so much about your hair.

Martin said...

I agree, we need to reshoot the girls picture. It looks very off center. That's what we get for letting boys take the picture. Also, yes you do look silly Holly. But I don't see how reshooting the picture would change that.