Monday, June 18, 2007

The kittens!

Here are the kittens. The black one is a boy, and is currently being called Doglynn. The white one is a girl, and she is being called Catlynn. Please make any name suggestions that you would like to see voted on.


ahem. said...

I think maybe you should call one "Felynn," like feline, except different.

I will think more deeply on the matter and get back to you.

Mean Mommy said...

Tomlynn, duh.

Other possibilities: Sharkbait (ooh, ha, ha), Scorpionbait, Malynn (Male...lynn...)

Martin said...

Well, you guys aren't very good at giving me suggestions. Maybe I will just call them Hollylynn and Shannonlynn and you two can find new names.

ahem. said...

How about Turtlelynn and Dovelynn.

Or Sonnylynn and Cherlynn?

Or Tony and Blair?

Or Kitlynn and Katlynn?

Malkin and Mouser?

Martin said...

Kitlynn and Katlynn will would work. What does everyone else think?

Martin said...

Here are some suggestions from work people:

Dusk and Dawn
Eclipe and Luna

I need some input from people here. Otherwise they will be the cats with no name.

Martin said...

Eclipse. Sorry.

ahem. said...

You can't name the cat Luna, because then I would accuse you of being a Sailor Moon fan.

And tell the people at work that they convinced you to get the cats, they don't get to name them too.

Also, my roommate suggests Humphrey and Bogart.

And now I think you should name one "Boggart"

Martin said...

I do like Boggart. And then it wouldn't be as confusing for them having two similar names.

I am really easily influenced on this, in case you couldn't tell.

Mean Mommy said...

Could Boggart be in charge of guarding your closet? But then...he might change into a scorpion when you open the door...