Monday, June 18, 2007

Fun quotes from tonight

Richard with crab claw: "Raaaa...Raaaa"
Karen with bread crust: "Roaaaar"

Richard about poker set: "It's like sex in a box." Eeek! (Cover your eyes Holly.)

Karen chewing on Shannon's thumb.
Shannon: "Karen, you are what you eat. If you eat me, you'll become a Mommy."
Richard: "And not just any Mommy. YOUR Mommy."
Karen: "Aaaaaaaaah!"

Karen fussing. Shannon: "Hang on a minute. Let me fly this baby around the room a bit, and I'll be right back."

Sarah: "I don't ever want to see the kitties again! ...I want to live with the kitties!"


Martin said...

Yeah. Sarah was running hot and cold about those kitties. :)

ahem. said...

Ah, so they like kitties, huh? Well... if Shannon is so horribly opposed to a dog, I suppose we could do the whole cat thing for Christmas....

Martin said...

Maybe one that is declawed first.

Mean Mommy said...

Heh. I'd rather have the dog.