Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sarah's monologue

I just overheard Sarah having this conversation with herself:

Would you lend me a hand? That's an expression, a way of saying things. It means, 'Would you help me out?' Oh. Yes!

How cute is that?


ahem. said...

That girl is never going to have any friends. She's so condecending... even when she's talking to herself!

Martin said...

Yeah, seriously. Explaining what things mean to herself, when she clearly already knows?

skanky ho said...

TV: It's so easy a cave man could
do it

Cave Man 1: That is so condecending

Cave man 2: yeah

ahem. said...

I have a picture of one of the Geico cavemen on my wall. It makes me happy

Martin said...

I want one? Where can I get it?

skanky ho said...

I want one too!