Saturday, March 18, 2006

Emily's a Twinkie

I know, like this is news to anyone. But, she called me at 6:05 tonight to let me know that tonight is the last night of her musical. Which starts at 7. And takes over an hour for us to drive to. The turkey.

Obviously, we're not going to make it...especially since the kids aren't dressed, and neither of them has had their baths for Sunday.

Oh yes, and she tells me that she did let me know telling Sarah about it and talking to Mom about it...while I was asleep. Yes.

So, basically, Emily's just a twinkie and/or turkey. Mmmmm.


ahem. said...

That certainly sounds like something a Twinkie would do. But seriously Shannon, even I knew the play was this week. You should have your spies make sure you're better informed in the future.

skanky ho said...

plus it's not my fault you didn't notice me GOING TO DRESS REHEARSAL just because you were taking a nap