Sunday, June 13, 2010

Family Photo

Mom wants to know if anybody has suggestions for a family picture sometime in the next 6 months or so. Mostly (a) what we should wear and (b) when we should do it.

Since we'd probably be out doors, I suggested jeans. Mom was wondering if black pants or khakis might be better.

I also suggested just having everybody wear a solid colored shirt of their own choosing, but Mom was wondering if we should try to coordinate more. All one color might be too "cutesy," but what about a few colors, or one color for the guys and one for the girls, etc.

Suggestions / advice?

Also, when? Should we wait until Lilli is born but Emily is still fat (so we can make fun of her for years to come)? Or just do it this summer while we're thinking about it?


Martin said...

I suggest we all wear completely white!

We are doing this outside in a muddy area, right?

Mean Mommy said...

Black is going to get dusty outdoors. Khaki might be okay, but I vote jeans too. You can pick a few colors if you want to coordinate, although they're going to be different shades. No red, white, and blue either. That's as cutesy as all one color. you really want a heaven picture? A...dirty heaven...?

I don't really care when. With it being an infrequent picture, I'd say wait for Lils to be born so she can be (visibly) in it. We'd have to work around school then, but that shouldn't be too bad.

Holly K said...

Lils! That solves the y/i issue completely!

Also, see here for an explanation of Melissa's comment:

Mean Mommy said...

I shall also call her "Lil Cutie," for short. I have a trademark on both those names, so I will expect you to monitor your own usage and pay up accordingly.

Debra Kamrowski said...

Sounds like a Saturday is going to work the best for those who are in school and those who live out of town. Maybe the first part of September so that it is at least a little cooler and maybe as early morning as we can get Emily and Lils out of bed.

Debra Kamrowski said...

We can coordinate later and then I will can Brent Jackman and set up a date and time.