Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moving again!!

Since Holly is moving in soon, let's help her with a list of things that she should or shouldn't pack. Feel free to add stuff to the list!

Ice cream maker (So we will have two!!)
Steaks for Emily's party Monday
Fancy Nancy
Squirrel army nut supply
Stolen goods
Squirrel Army

Don't Pack:
Apple Mango Tango laundry soap that won't work in my washer
Dog statues

Put up Immediately while Melissa is at work:
Oodles of BYU paraphernalia (I suggest a permanent sticking charm...)


Martin said...

I find it odd that now Holly is packing her Squirrel Army nut supply, but not the Squirrel Army itself.

Holly K said...

Good point. I fixed that.

Martin said...

Yeah, put up all that BYU stuff. Although, I should warn you, I charge $100/month for each BYU item that is displayed in any room other than yours.

Holly K said...

Everything's in the truck. Yay!?

Mean Mommy said...

That seems like a fair rate on the decorating scheme. The squirrel army extortion racket should more than cover that.

Yay for being all packed!