Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day!

To Emily!

To Melissa!

To Shannon!

(This one also to Shannon... hee!)

To Mom!


Mean Mommy said...

Those are great cards. And I apologize in advance. For both Melissa and me. For the first one. I have no apologies for the second.

Martin said...

Yeah. Sorry Holly.

Also, my cats *don't* understand what mother's day is. You know what I got this morning from them? A request for a Fancy Feast. It wasn't even a special request. It was the same one that I get every morning from them! It's all they think about.

Catlynn: What are we going to do today, Humphry?
Humphry: The same thing we do every day. Try to get a Fancy Feast!!

(Karen may have made me watch too much Pinky and the Brain when I was down there, Shannon)

Martin said...

Also, I just remembered that ** doesn't bold things in the blog. Oops.