Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy, happy birthday!!

To Holly!!

So, as requested, here is the schedule for your day.

11:00 am Wake up. No getting up earlier. If you are up before this, go back to bed right now.

I Said Now!!

11:15 am Brunch, bro style!! Or, girl style. Whichever.

12:00 pm Bookstore shopping. Nothing is more fun than shopping in a bookstore. Trust me on this one. Best Birthday Activity Ever!

2:00 pm Afternoon nap. You deserve it. Unless you are still in the bookstore. It's easy to lose track of time in there.

4:00 pm Walk barefoot in the park. But don't do it drunk. I think BYU frowns on that.

6:00 pm Dinner time! Make that pork chop, tortilla, and jam thing you seem to have a recipe for. That sounded good.

7:00 pm Cake!

7:30 pm Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2. See it. Then tell me if it's any good or not.


Mean Mommy said...

Hey. I was going to post Happy Birthday first!

You totally did not stay up till 12:01 to post this, Melissa. You post-dated it, you cheater! Cheater Cheater! Pumpkin Eater!

Happy Birthday Holly. Love, Your Non-cheating Sister.

ahem. said...

Um.... it's after 11 in some time zones...

Mean Mommy said...

Cheater! You're both cheaters! Melissa...Holly got up before you said she could. Make sure to enforce the consequences.

I can't just let it go. Not even on your birthday...

Martin said...

Actually I set it up to post itself at 12:01 on Holly's birthday, which isn't cheating. I planned ahead.

Also, Shannon is right Holly. You must be punished for getting up to early. And the punishment is, Bonnie dies.

Also, Shannon, no one likes a tattler.