Monday, June 09, 2008


Things I did this weekend:

-Played four-square. Might actually be fun to play on occasion, but next time maybe we could use a standard-sized court.

-Locked a set of keys inside the car they belonged to. It was expensive to get them back out, but kind of cool to watch.

-Possibly saved my roommate and her boyfriends lives. Or at least spared them a headache. Walked into my apartment to find the stove was on, but not lit, and the air smelled very gas-y. They were cuddling on the couch and hadn't notcied the smell that was permiating the apartment.

-Made ice cream again with my ice cream maker. Best purchase ever!

-Made lots of salsa. My fingers are sort of burning from stripping the seeds out of the peppers, but is is so delicious that I don't even really care.


Martin said...

Yay ice cream! Make sure that guy is clean so we can make some at Grandma and Grandpa's next week!

ahem. said...

Well, the bowl has to be completely frozen... hopefully there's enough room in Grandma's deep freeze...