Friday, April 18, 2008

You really don't want pictures

Okay - so dad and Andy decided to cook last night. They were very excited to find three gallon size unmarked bags of hash browns in the freezer. So they melted half a stick of margarine into two of my best non-stick fry pans and proceeded to dump the first bag into the hot pans. They soon discovered that something was very wrong. Their solution was to dump the hot hash browns back into the zip loc bag, which promptly melted through the bag. They then returned it to the freezer. So those of you who are taking care of things here on May - Beware! What was it the guys were really trying to fry up in the pans you ask? It was my motzarella cheese!


Mean Mommy said...

That is too funny. We were talking to Sarah last night about how Nana was doing, and I told her she probably wasn't resting as much as she should be because it drives her crazy when people are doing stuff where she can't keep an eye on them.

"She'd probably lay in her bed thinking 'Grandpa is in my kitchen putting things where they don't go and making a mess.'" Sarah thinks it's hilarious that Grandpa really was in the kitchen making a mess.

Martin said...

Yeah. "Sarah" thinks it is hilarious. And that is not at all projecting your own emotions.