Saturday, January 26, 2008

Under my Refridgerator

So, Humphry lost one of his toys under the fridge and he kept crying about it, so I got something to pull it out. These are all the things that I found under there:

10 Pushpins
Seam Ripper
2 Bobbypins
Pair of Earrings
2 Rings
Nail Clippers
2 Magnets
Colored Pencil
14 Hair Ties
2 Rolos
3 Starbursts
2 Toy Mice
A Lot of Miscellaneous Trash

I have been looking for some of this stuff for a long time! Those cats are in so much trouble. I am definately eating one of their Fancy Feasts in front of them to teach them a lesson.


That Other One said...

lol i think that would only be called for if humphry ate catlynn

Martin said...

Perhaps you are right. I will hold off on eating one of their Fancy Feasts.

ahem. said...

Tee hee!

Mean Mommy said...

No. You gotta be tough. Eat the Fancy Feast.