Wednesday, November 07, 2007


So, this is what Emily signs her texts as. What we know about it so far:
  • It is a secret. This means it's something interesting.
  • She won't tell us what it means for a while. So she will at some point.
  • It is not a joke. At all. Sounds serious.
  • Several people that she texts and emails know what it means.
  • It is a statement.
So, my guess is it has to do with a boyfriend. Feel free to share your speculations.

This Girl Always Loves Isaac (Or any other I-name)
That Guy Albert, Likey I (It's Emily, so we can't exclude incorrect grammar)
This Girlfriend of Arthur Likes Internet


Mean Mommy said...

To get a life, insert.
Talk good and live infinitely.
Tall girls are losery imps.

Martin said...

But none of those would explain her wanting to keep it a secret. Except maybe that last one, if she thought I would get offended by it because of my overwhelming height.

Mean Mommy said...

I've got it...

Two girls are lower income.

Poor Emily and her roommate.