Saturday, September 08, 2007

It was the best day.

So I got you guys’ package yesterday. Hoorah! I don’t think I’ve gotten a “care package” since freshman year. I celebrated by watching Firefly with my friends and eating mini-muffins. They went crazy for those little muffins!

Anyway, you’re awesome, although I’m really disappointed you didn’t go see Balls of Furry.

And I think I need the digital copy of the scary Emy picture… so I can set it as my desktop.


Just me said...

I happy that you enjoyed the little surprise. Although I can't take credit for it. Melissa was the one who came up with the idea. I just provided the finacial means to the end!

Mean Mommy said...

So...what all was in the final package? I only heard bits and pieces. And handed over my movie tickets.

Just me said...

DVD series Firefly season one; mini Banana muffins; rice crispie treats; A deck of cards; boxes of movie type candy; a package of balloons; a candle; ummmmm. What else was in the box?

Martin said...

Kleenex, popcorn, notepad and sharpies, and spatula. I think that was it. Oh, and all the fun cards that explained all the fun stuff we did without Holly.