Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So, we need some really fun ideas to do this weekend. So far we have:

- Maybe helping Emily move (if she wasn't so lazy and would turn in the paperwork on time)
- Looking at new tables for Melissa (since Emily wants to steal her old one)
- Seeing "Balls of Fury" (Holly's idea) (Hey! That's an idea)
- Seeing good movies for free, because we kidnapped Emily (I say we call this "Weekend with Emily" If you don't get the reference to "Weekend with Bernie", look it up)
- BBQ at Mom and Dad's

So. Any other ideas?


Mean Mommy said...

So, "anything without Holly" isn't good enough for you? You want details?

You'd really pick "Balls of Fury" over "The Nanny Diaries"? ...No, of course not. That's why you specified GOOD movies.

When are Mom and Dad planning to BBQ?

Martin said...

Weekend at Bernie's. Sorry.

Also, Holly suggested "Balls of Fury". I asked what she would really want to do, so that we could do it without her. I think she knew though, and gave me that idea as a decoy.

ahem. said...

Ah. You caught me.

Martin said...

Unless, you knew that I knew that you would give me a decoy, and so to throw me off, gave me something that you really did want to do! "Balls of Fury" it is!

Mean Mommy said...

Holly is pretty tricksy.