Sunday, July 01, 2007

Catlynn visits the Vet

Catlynn had her first visit to the vet. Here are some highlights of her experience.

Leaving Humphry home
The car trip
The scary dog that was also waiting in reception
Not being able to get down from the counter
Getting her temperature taken
Cold vet hands (Seriously, you work with animals. Warm them up a bit.)
Medicine she now has to take (Although I have so much fun craming it down her throat and forcing eye drops in twice a day.)
Paying for it (Okay. That one is me)

Going home


ahem. said...

What was wrong with her?

(Also, I'm glad we settled on Humphrey and Catlynn. J'approve.)

Mean Mommy said...

I love giving animals eye drops. Actually, it's more fun if it's eye ointment that you have to smear in the eye. Especially if it's a really small eye.

Also, vets are seriously expensive!

And...your vet is open on Sunday? it Humphry or Humphrey? 'Cause Bogart has an 'e.'

Martin said...

I was going to take her on Saturday, but then someone didn't leave to come up here until 10:30. And when I got up Sunday morning, her eyes were covered with this goopy stuff, so I panicked and took her in. And it was expensive. $45 just for the visit, plus the cost of her medicine.

When I was there, I asked them how to make her take it and they said it was really easy. They just grabbed her head and dropped her drops in and forced her medicine down. Only, they had me hold her body down for them. I don't have another person to do that for me. It isn't as easy when you are trying to hold her head still and pin her body down. Your hamster was probably a lot easier to hold still, and you had two people. So no more complaining from you Shannon.

Also, it is Humphry. Because when I google it, it asks me "Did you mean Humphrey" and I won't let anyone tell me how I spell my cat's name, especially google!

Martin said...

So, the last four posts were by me. Does no one else have anything to post on here?

ahem. said...

I think it's sort of because you're obsessed with your cats.

But that's just my very humble opinion.